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The Venture Club is a private club for investors interested in normally unavailable investment opportunities, alternative investments, projects and business plans.

We are dedicated to finding and selecting suitable projects for investment. We organize investment, educational and social events. We operate an online investment platform for members and manage investments from tens of thousands of CZK.

Venture Club is a gateway to the world of big finance for smaller investors. The advantages are co-investing with a share of the returns, sharing of investment tips and a larger number of open opportunities.

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Venture Club z.s. is an exclusive private club of investors and those interested in investing. It provides its members with access to non-public investment opportunities, educational and social events and gives them the chance to stand at the birth of companies that will one day change the world.

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Tomáš Martinec
What appeals to me personally about the club is the rather cooperative culture of the inner core of the club and the fact that it is often not enough for investors to just make money on a project. I have found that many of the investors present are looking for a certain overlap in projects, as improving their bank account number is not very satisfying in itself.
Zuzana Martanová
Venture Club? A group of enthusiastic people who love to play and have a lot of plans in their heads that bring not only joy, but also economic effect. Meeting for business meetings, economic debates and business challenges, as well as social events, brings together people of different opinions and helps to find common ground when dealing with investment opportunities. For those who want to join and are looking to enrich their lives in all aspects :-), I can only recommend it.
JUDr. Ondřej Elterlein
I found out about Venture Club when I started wondering if there was a place where you could learn about investing from people who understand it without necessarily having to start investing right away (as is the case with various investment companies that are just trying to sell their product). Venture Club works on a unique model of bringing together people who understand investments, analyze and prepare investment opportunities for its members, while educating its members and broadening their horizons culturally and socially. I consider paying for membership to be my best investment to date
In the first year of the Venture Club, I participated in several events that convinced me that I wanted to continue to be involved in the events surrounding the club, so I became a member. In Venture Club you will find inspiring projects and interesting opportunities for investment. I value equally the contacts and information I have gained. The social events guarantee pleasant meetings and good taste.
Radek Heškovič
Most of my assets are in real estate, which is relatively stable with little return and risk. I take care of them personally.

With Venture Club, I balance my portfolio on the other end of the spectrum - dynamic investments with great return and risk, almost worry free. Plus, I like to learn how to look at a business through the eyes of an investor. Whether it be when presenting projects or from other club members.

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One of the main goals of the Venture Club is to find and assess business projects with great potential and introduce them to potential investors.