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Investment Club
Get to know the Investors Club and find out how to invest in unique projects.

Investment Club: What can you find here?

Familiarize yourself with the Venture Club bylaws.

Find out how the club selects investment opportunities.

Venture Club z.s. is an exclusive private investment club and those interested in investing. It provides its members with access to non-public investment opportunities, educational and social events and gives them the chance to stand at the birth of companies that will one day change the world.

Investment club - Board of Directors

Petr Šedivý

Chairman of the committee of the association, managing director of club companies, shareholder of about 30% of VCI

David Borovec

Club lawyer, member of the club committee, VCI member

Petr Marek

Headquarters of our companies, operates Insignia business center, energy, development managed by Byty Klíčanka, member of the committee of the association, member of VCI

Petr Štěpánek

Economist and club analyst, full member, investor, supervisory board of Greenbuddies Charging and ZEBRA Group

Viktor Zeisel

Subsidies, SW, stock exchange, member of the committee of the association, member of VCI

Hanuš Brychta

Former co-owner of 2N Telekomonunikace, electrotechnical production, company management, mentor, investor, vice-chairman of the association committee, active in HE3DA, PetExpert, LaFluence, Behavee and other projects, partner of VCI

Radim Horák

Cultural and sporting activities of the club, bus development ABRA, member of the committee of the association, member of VCI

Tomáš Barczi

Second managing director of VCI, energy, chairman of the board of one of Prague’s municipal companies, member of the association’s committee, VCI shareholder 5%

Jiří Klíma

Společník VCI 10%, development, real estate auctions