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Alumni breakfast 19.9.2018, Michal Bláha and Hlídač státu

We would like to announce the activity of our friend, entrepreneur, investor, mentor, Venture Club member and chairman of the Alumni Club at CTU, Jan Rehak. If you want to hear an interesting story and meet new people, we recommend you to go to his regular breakfasts at NTK. The next one is on Wednesday, September 19 and will be with Michal Bláha.

After the holiday break, we begin with an atypical guest who describes himself as follows: Michal Bláha: “A young man does not look for jobs, he creates them”. Entrepreneur, investor, mentor, innovator.,,,, etc…

Michal Bláha has been involved in the portal and has been developing a number of independent projects since 2000. Recently, he has been working on the Watchdog of the State project, which increases and promotes greater transparency of the state… At the Crystal Lupa 2017, he took second place as a personality of the year (behind Janko Kroupa).

Start 7:45am, end 10am, breakfast paid for on site in cash. We look forward to seeing you there.
Petr Šedivý, for Venture Club

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