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Going to a nice environment, to a company, meeting nice people, talking about art and admiring it – it’s a very refreshing way to spend time. And you can even wonder what it would be like to have some of it in your home… no matter if it’s a painting, a print, a sculpture, an artifact… A great event we had the opportunity to attend with the club: the opening of Joe Muczek Jr.’s Vienna House Party at the Diplomat Hotel – complete with a great buffet, music, and of course… since it’s an Auro Genio Investment Company project – precious metals with the artist’s motifs. Those who wanted to could even shake one of the thousands of existing kilos of gold bars with the motif of the painting and buy it. Or admire a beautiful young girl and the emerging bodypainting… a beauty meant only for that evening and that moment.

Yes, we can’t buy a girl, even a beautiful one, as an investment, but we can buy a painting pleasing to the eye, or a metal appreciated or made special by a motif. What do you think about this kind of investing and would you be interested in it? We have also opened a discussion on our new LinkedIn group.

Petr Šedivý


You know what I liked the most? You can find a gallery of photos if you want to take a look on tomato.

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