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Frolik after visit in MES and we buy ZEBRA

The club year is already in full swing. Mr. Frolik, owner of LINET, was on 9.9. in MES in Horní Suchá. The report of the experienced industrialist is useful, you can find it (after logging in) at the project.

The second news belongs to the electric trucks elZEBRA, we are buying 18% share in the automobile company ZEBRA GROUP. After several weeks of courtship we have agreed to enter in three tranches of 10 million CZK each. The company will use the investment to scale up production. Last year it produced 17-20 cars, this year it has orders for more than 50 units only abroad and plans to multiply production in the coming years. Smart money will help turn the company from a sole proprietorship into a family-owned corporation, interesting for global car companies in the future. You can be there.

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