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Influencer marketing startup Lafluence bought digital agency WeDigital

1/11/2023 by, posted in press release, selection

Prague, November 1, 2023 – Influencer marketing startup Lafluence bought the digital agency WeDigital. The merger of these two brands creates the largest marketing company focusing on influencer marketing on the Czech and Slovak markets with a complete portfolio of influencer services. Managing Director Martin Kyncl will take over the management of the agency’s activities. This year, both companies aim for a joint turnover of 100 million crowns.

Influencer marketing startup Lafluence has acquired 100% of digital agency WeDigital. The acquisition was signed on October 13 following an agreement between Lafluence CEO Peter Varga and WeDigital Managing Director and founder Andrea Hurychová. By combining these brands, two important entities from the influencer marketing industry are connected. This will create the largest marketing company focusing on influencer marketing on the Czech market with a complete portfolio of influencer services from influencer campaigns, through production, social networks, to digital advertising and proprietary technologies.

Managing Director Martin Kyncl will take over the management of the agency’s activities, who will also take over WeDigital from Andrea Hurychová in the coming months. The entire Lafluence group, including Lafluence Technology, will continue to be led by Lafluence CEO Peter Varga.

“The acquisition of WeDigital makes strategic sense for us. We are bringing together the pioneers of our industry. Andrea with WeDigital was at the origin of influencer marketing in the Czech Republic as such, and with Lafluence we were the first to start digitizing this industry. Martin Kyncl is an experienced manager who has been active in the media world for more than ten years, and for the past year he has very successfully managed and fundamentally accelerated our internal influencer agency. The combination of these two agencies creates a clear leader in the field of Czech influencer marketing in terms of turnover and the breadth of the portfolio of influencer services. We will now offer our clients technology, agency services including production, social networks, digital advertising and more.” says Lafluence CEO Peter Varga.

With the successful acquisition of WeDigital, Lafluence grows not only with a complete portfolio of influencer services, but also with a large network of clients, which currently makes it a stable partner on the market. In addition, both companies are united by a common vision of becoming a leader on the Czech and Slovak markets.

The founder and Managing Director of WeDigital Andrea Hurychová says about the acquisition: “I have been thinking about where to move WeDigital for a long time. I founded and managed the agency for 8 years, so when the opportunity arose to take this step and combine WeDigital with Lafluence, which has similar values and I myself was at its founding, it felt like a step in the right direction for myself, the team and our clients. I believe that our position as a leader in influencer marketing and digital solutions, which we can offer to clients together, will be further strengthened. I unequivocally trust Martin Kyncl as the new CEO of both agencies and value his experience in the field.”

In the coming months, the newly expanded influencer marketing startup Lafluence plans to get to know the WeDigital team and set up a joint operation. “I am pleased that the cooperation of great people based on common values is intensifying, and in the field of influencer marketing, we can offer clients the most comprehensive services on the market, including powerful technology. In the coming months, we will focus on getting to know both teams, clients and harmonizing internal processes. At the beginning of next year, we want to come up with a clear and strong vision for influencer marketing in the Czech and Slovak Republics.” says Managing Director Martin Kyncl about the future direction.

The Lafluence brand is currently undergoing intensive business development, which was supported, among other things, by an investment incentive of twenty million crowns from the Venture Club and a previous major investment by the founder of, Josef Matějka, through the Nextech Ventures fund. Due to the current acquisition, WeDigital aims for a joint turnover of 100 million crowns, which it wants to achieve by the end of this year.

About Lafluence

Lafluence is an influencer marketing startup with a focus on influencer marketing. It started as an online marketplace with the aim of facilitating commercial cooperation with companies for influencers and using technology to connect brands and marketing agencies with proven content creators. He reacted to the growing popularity of Internet personalities and their influence on consumer buying behavior. It is currently divided into two divisions: agency and technology. The influencer agency includes a complete portfolio of services that form campaigns for the largest brands and media groups in the Czech Republic. He understands the needs of brands and influencers and creates an online space where they can establish collaborations easily and efficiently. It owns a technology team, then digitizes the processes taking place in influencer marketing, focusing mainly on influencer marketing agencies.

The Lafluence marketplace was created in August 2017. Since then, over 3,000 influencers have registered and have implemented more than 1,000 marketing campaigns for brands such as Nivea, Henkel, Uber, DameJidlo, Emco, Reebok, Lush, letgo, Mixit, Burda, Kitkat, Braun and others. Lafluence is currently the largest online platform of its kind for influencer marketing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Lafluence also owns the most comprehensive database of local talent, which includes almost 25,000 profiles on the social networks Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube.


Founded by Andrea Hurychová in 2015, WeDigital focuses on digital content and strategy using influencer marketing, videos and social media communications. The agency works with multinational brands and startup companies. Long-term clients include, for example, Plzeňský Prazdroj, Google, Unilever, Mattoni, Abbott and others. The agency has also won numerous awards for campaigns for its clients.

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