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Invitation to the weekend event

Do you want to try something new, make someone happy, are you looking for a program for children or an original gift?
Venture Club has consulted the project of ac. painter Boris Nosek: The Secret of Porcelain – workshops, which has taken off nicely and so we can offer you a very interesting event, in addition with a nice discount from the prices on the website. And it doesn’t matter whether you come for half a day, a day or the whole weekend. It also depends on what package you choose and how many pieces and with what technique you want to paint. It could be a modern plate, a retro style, a service, a friendly set or just a coffee cup and saucer. It is common to paint on ceramics, but you can paint on porcelain only exceptionally.

(photo (c) Luboš J. Marek,
To get a better price, just mention the text “Venture Club” when ordering and get a 10% DISCOUNT (valid for orders paid before the end of the holiday season, and this year’s dates). We will be happy to discuss bulk orders and come up with interesting conditions, please get in touch. Likewise, if you are interested in the project as an investment, an artistic porcelain manufactory is being created, we will be happy to forward your contact.

Terms: The nearest events are on August 19, 2017, but also in September and later. Location.

Orders and further information on the workshops at:

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