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Networking – it all starts there

The joint networking of the Venture Club and the ICA Family of Freelancers took place for the third time. This tradition started in 2016 thanks to the personal connections of Petr Šedivý and Tomáš Havrda – the founders of the projects.

The networking event is a demonstration of what can happen when people meet, exchange contacts and maintain good relationships with each other. Read how networking takes place within the two clubs and what it can be good for.

How does networking work?

The word networking could be translated as networking, networking, or literally working on a network of personal contacts. Take a look at how many contacts you have on your phone and social media – there are probably hundreds, maybe even thousands. That’s your network.

The point of networking is to connect your network to an ocean field of contacts, to build relationships between people, to exchange information, but also to support each other, help each other and share your experiences. The power of networking is not only in the personal relationships and referrals, but also in the synergy that can be created when people with similar interests meet.

It is said that you can reach any person in the world through 4-6 other contacts. Or do the math on how many contacts are available at a networking event attended by 50-70 people. Such is the power of networking.

Joint ICA and Venture Club networking

Joint ICA and Venture Club networking is unique for several reasons.

  • It offers the opportunity to present in front of a full house at the Ponrepo Cinema, yet there is a family atmosphere.
  • You can say what you are solving, who you are looking for, find partners or employees.
  • There is also the sharing of business experiences.
  • The program is framed by presentations with interesting facts from the commercial and non-profit sector, the blocks are separated by networking breaks, and quality refreshments are available.

In the last year, basic information on Venture Club’s open investment opportunities has been available, including the unique dog and cat insurance – Petexpert, which pays directly to the vet. We saw a presentation on the use of nanotechnology fibers in cosmetics, the [n]Fibercare face mask project. We also learned about the Arhuacos Foundation, supporting Colombian Indians growing great coffee, which we tasted and could buy. A project to protect sea turtles in Indonesia was also presented.

The unique space of the historic refectory of the Old Town Convent, where the Ponrepo Cinema is located, directly encourages the inclusion of short film screenings in networking. See for example the perfect video about sea turtles.

The networking is concluded each year with a free discussion, which takes place late into the evening at the Venture Club headquarters, Konvikt Palace, over a glass of great wine.

Tomas Havrda on the importance of networking in general:
“Networking is the foundation of any successful business. It can be said that if you have good contacts and relationships with people, you are successful. Networking is a mirror of how you really are. Do people recommend you? Are you interesting to others? What have you already done for others? These are the fundamental questions of functional networking.”

Petr Šedivý on the importance of networking in investing:
“Networking brings new personal contacts and new opportunities for everyone involved. It is the first step to building mutual trust and history. And mutual trust, shared history and knowledge of the other party is a great foundation for successful trading and investing.Jointly assessing investment opportunities with a trusted partner is always an advantage. The chances of making the right choice are increased and security is increased. If I know somebody, I can just do a factual assessment of the investment case. I don’t have to research who brings it to me.And that’s what we’re trying to do at Venture Club: among people I know, where everyone brings a different expertise, to jointly select an opportunity and make the right decision – to successfully invest and value the money. That’s why we like to co-organise networking – building trust starts there.”

Check out photos from this year’s networking event.

Networking around investments, start-ups and business opportunities

What role does networking play in both clubs? The ICA family of freelancers was created in response to the question: “Can entrepreneurs really collaborate with each other?”. Now in its 9th year, the ICA is the answer that people can be built on collaboration.

The ICA has followed an almost Taoist path. Nothing is defined in the ICA. It is an empty space that each newcomer fills in his own way – the way he needs. Someone has found clients there, someone has found co-workers, someone has even found a life partner.

Everything is voluntary and changeable. Just like life itself. ICA has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners restart their businesses and is happy to welcome and meet new faces and stories.

The Venture Club has networking and community building as one of its pillars, but it is not a networking club, but a club for investors and those interested in investing. If you are interested in explicitly networking and getting inquiries, choose more from business clubs like Business for Breakfast, Good Morning Business, Empiria 21 or many others. These clubs are based on a formalized system of mutual contact exchange and referral business statistics.

The Venture Club is focused on pitching and selecting projects at D-Day suitable for investment and features content on investment opportunities, project financing, innovation and business development.

It brings together founders and business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and employees interested in investing, project assessment, financial planning, or just wanting to make good use of their money, several times a month to participate in top-level educational and social events.

A joint Venture Club and ICA networking event is held once a year in the fall. However, you don’t have to wait until next November for the next networking meeting. Come to any of the Venture Club events or ICA meetings. Networking is where it all begins.

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