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Rubric of Charging Sheets

On January 25th, a nice event took place – Venture Club handed over the rubrics to the investors of the Charging project. At the same time, we replaced the Christmas Punch in December – outside the official part there was also networking and chatting about the projects. We announced the project of investment in the foreign expansion of LaFluence (details on request or in the platform from 1.2.), Viktor Zeisel reported on his impressions of the MES factory, where he was on a tour of the running, or more precisely, the starting up, production of HE3DA batteries on January 14. Probably the biggest stir was the information that our startup (or part of our share in the startup) PetExpert is about to be sold to a foreign investor with the aim to quickly enter other markets, not only Slovakia, Belgium and Poland.

Anyway, the Charging investors have until the end of February to take over the share certificates. Those who supply consent to the listing of a shareholder will appear in this public register. The 44 ordinary shares with a total additional value of CZK 16 million are being taken up by 33 investors.

More photos from the handover can be found on Facebook, in the Venture Club private group.

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