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Suspension of SF current accounts

Saving funds is one of the projects that some of us use to our full satisfaction. You may therefore be interested to know what the status is and, more importantly, what is coming up. I am therefore adopting the report of Mr Peter Sluka for your information:

as you know, a few weeks ago CSOB blocked the funds on the SF account in CZK, which was kept in CSOB. Until today, no reason has been given as to why this is the case. The logical step on the part of SF’s lawyers was to take the case to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, until today, despite the expiry of the time limits, nothing has happened in the filing. Surely you know or have heard of the various obstructions that can be used to prolong the court process (change of lawyer, request for access to the file, ….). The whole court situation can drag on in this way for several years. None of us wants that and we prefer to use the credits and the benefits of them as before.

That is why it has been decided to accelerate the process of moving the company to Europe, which was originally planned for the beginning of next year. This will bring with it some inconvenience in the form of the inability to use regular accounts for some time, but I think the result will be worth it. It will prevent any possible repetition of the blocking of funds, it will close the mouths of doubters like “you are not in Europe” and, most importantly, it will bring the credit cards to the regular accounts we are waiting for.
I understand that for some of us this may be a complication, but I firmly believe that the result will make up for it. For us, it means not using free accounts. As of today, we could no longer use a checking account anyway, so we have arranged our payments in a different way and this step will not limit us.

The whole process can take a week or even several months. Anyway, it is important that it goes well. As soon as I have further information, I will keep you informed.

Thank you Petr Sluka, Sentinel of Fortune Inc.

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