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Committee 12.1.2021

Friends, if you are able, I would like to invite you to the Venture Club Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, at 5 pm. Topics:

  • Information on membership base, summary of 2020, status of recruiting investments for open projects, budget status
  • 2021 events, upcoming events
  • Discussion on: what to do next and better than before, suggestions from members
  • Miscellaneous

Club members only: attendance required for committee members, VCI associates and appropriate for full members. But we are happy to welcome basic members as well.

The event will be ONLINE only, please click to participate. Let us have an overview beforehand and we can send you a link to sign up before the event. Thank you. Happy New Year!

I look forward to seeing you

Petr Šedivý

Chairman of the VCZS Committee and Executive Director of VCI

Microsoft Teams Meeting, online, Praha 1

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