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D-Day 39 WinWinJob

The next DenD 39 is postponed to 20.4., from 18:00. We’ll be looking at a unique sw project in the HR industry, WinWinJob – a job listing portal that will change the job market. A small part of it. But globally. It’s the first job board connecting bosses and their subordinates directly. The project’s website is in its third year. The project has passed the validation phase and is currently looking for resources to accelerate faster.

Further details can be found by logging in to the projects. We recommend you take a look. There is a presentation with an outline of the business plan.

Due to limitations, DenD will be online for those watching, subject to prior reservation of space. Presenters (from the committee and full members) will be present in person. After all, there is something to the live presentation.

This time, booking and entry will be open to Venture Club members only. TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT, PLEASE LOG IN to the club website.

We look forward to seeing you there

Petr Šedivý


Don’t have a membership? Get one! .-)

Microsoft Teams Meeting, online, Praha 1

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