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Let’s talk before summer 2nd year

On June 28, 2023 – Wednesday – exactly one year later – we have planned an informal meeting – in the brewery Národní on Národní 8, next to “Voršilek”. It’s the end of June, the seventh year of the club’s activities since its founding in September 2016, and the eighth will begin after the holidays. There have been a lot of activities, new projects are also on the hill. The topic of how to move on from the autumn is also on the table – we are thinking more to encourage full membership and help get everyone more keen to invest. There will be a new website and more. We are happy to meet even just for a chat, informally.

We invite you – weather permitting – to the brewery garden where we will have a large table and party tent set up for us. One beer/drink goes “behind the club” and if you want, you can order something else for yourself afterwards. They have ample supplies of food and drink and we enjoyed it last year too. (We have reservations inside in inclement weather).

Put the date in your diary and come along. We look forward to seeing you there.

Petr Šedivý for the Club Committee

Pivovar Národní, Národní 8, Praha 1

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