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New directions in modern living

The way real estate is currently built is changing every day.

PRESENTATIONS FROM THE EVENT: On behalf of the Venture Club we would like to We would like to invite you to the discussion “Modern living from idea to realization“, where we will present trends from the world of architecture, design and technology. The talk will feature presentations by companies that can ensure the implementation of even the most demanding projects. We look forward to seeing you on 10 November at 6 pm in the studio EGOE, so do not miss the event.

What kind of programme is waiting for you?

The modern customer is not only interested in the construction itself, but also thinks comprehensively about the equipment interior design, the implementation of the exterior and the connection of the house to new technologies. At the same time, they place emphasis on quality materials and more functional products in line with ecology and sustainable living. We therefore invited representatives of the following companies, which we consider to be among the best in the industry

The article about 2MAD studio is here.

We are producing the evening with Studio 2MAD. The event will take place at the creative studio Egoe, in Karlín. Entrance is free with prior registration.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Petr Šedivý

Note: If you are attending our events we assume you are vaccinated, have had covid19 or have a negative test. In any case, please feel healthy. Thank you.

Kreativní studio EGOE, Pobřežní 66, Praha 8 - Karlín

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