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Renting out a purchased property in the USA

Recording of the evening (Yutube channel of the club, 1.5 h): buying investment residential real estate in the USA 30.11.2021

We’ve put together an educational evening for those interested in investing, this time on operating a purchased property for rental housing in the US. The property projected works as a dividend investment, with a very nice ongoing yield, where the appreciation of the property represents an interesting target bonus when it is sold in the future. Broadening your horizons is necessary.

  • We look forward to the first informative presentation, the form of investment will be discussed
  • Individual investments in one property range from approx. CZK 2.7 million
  • ownership is always personal
  • the risks are the same as for ownership in the Czech Republic

If the investor is looking for a conservative investment, a property with a good tenant occupied is pleasant with a good purchase. It goes yield, above inflation, at the same time the property price increases. The brokerage firm makes all the arrangements.

The evening is being prepared in collaboration with our member, Iztok Toplak. REMAX.

Note: If you are attending our events we assume you are vaccinated, have had covid19, or have a negative test. In any case, however, feel healthy. Thank you.

Park Atrium u spol. 2N, Pod Vinicí 2028/20, Praha 12

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