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Venture Club Invest and Greenbuddies Charging collaboration brings 20M CZK to renewable energy project

Prague, 14 June 2022 – Investing in renewable energy is an investment in the future. The Venture Club z.s. investment club, which last year established cooperation with the company Greenbuddies Charging s.r.o., confirms this by its actions. This brought Greenbuddies Charging Ltd. funding of 16 million crowns.

The success of the investment project and the company’s presence in a dynamic sector that responds to the current needs of renewable energy has earned it another major investor. It has already invested CZK 4 million in the company and plans to invest another amount of the same amount by the end of the year. Greenbuddies Charging s.r.o. has now raised CZK 20 million to support the development of its activities. This confirms that Venture Club z.s. selects quality projects with a future for its members.

Commenting on the acquisition, Petr Šedivý, Chairman of Venture Club z.s. and Managing Director of Venture Club Charging s.r.o., which brings together investors, said: “Greenbuddies Charging operates in the fast-growing market segment of charging stations, battery storage and photovoltaic systems and builds on the history of its sister company Greenbuddies s.r.o. The latter has experience from Western Europe, mainly Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Based on this, we have decided to support this project with an investment and have negotiated a strategy for a future exit on the European market. At the same time, we see synergies with our other projects, for example with the ZEBRA GROUP, a car company supplying electric vehicles. The same customer can use the services of both companies and it doesn’t matter whether they originally asked for an electric car or a charging station or an electricity storage and PV plant.”

Greenbuddies Charging s.r.o. is a company within the Greenbuddies group that provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions for electromobility and also deals with turnkey project delivery and installation. The company has a presence in the western market where it is easily competitive. This is confirmed by one of their projects that opened last year in Lutzmannsburg, Austria. In the spa town, the company used the space of a car parking area to generate electricity – they built a covered car park, with the shelter consisting of a photovoltaic system. The facility includes a total of 454 covered parking spaces, which not only produce green energy but also provide vehicles with protection from the sun and precipitation. The system covers approximately 30% of the local spa’s electricity needs and is the largest of its kind in Austria. However, Greenbuddies Charging s.r.o. is not only active on foreign markets, but also has projects in the Czech Republic. Since this year, the company has been involved in the electrification of the fleet at a leading banking institution. As part of this cooperation, it has installed twenty-four charging stations with the potential for further expansion. Among other things, the company is a service partner of a supplier of fast chargers for the pan-European network operated by Ionity.

“We see great potential and a great future in renewables. We are happy that we can pass this idea on to our investors. Thanks to the growing segment in which we operate and our investor activities, we can also finance large orders and projects. We appreciate the cooperation with Venture Club – among other things, based on the success of this investment, another investor has joined us, which brings us additional opportunities for financing our projects,” said Aleš Damm, Chief Charging Buddy.

About Venture Club Invest:

Venture Club z.s. is an investment and social club for investors and those interested in investing, which brings together over 200 members in an online investment platform operated by the club’s service organization, Venture Club Invest s.r.o. The group focuses on finding, organizing, co-managing investments, social and educational activities, and facilitates networking for its members. Since 2016, over 390 million CZK of investments have passed through the group. Among the projects invested are PetExpert, a general health insurance for dogs and cats, Klíčanka, a development project for 108 apartments, LaFluence, a project for influencers and brands, and ZEBRA Group, a car company.

About Greenbuddies:

Greenbuddies Charging, s.r.o. is a company that provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions for electromobility within the Greenbuddies group. This mainly involves the supply and installation of turnkey projects for corporate customers – design of solutions including complete project documentation, supply of chargers and vehicle shelters with local solar system (which can be supplemented with battery storage if required). The company can of course also provide selected parts of the overall solution or expert consultation in accordance with the customer’s wishes. In addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the company also operates in other EU countries, especially in Germany and Austria.

You can find the press release published here.

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