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Venture Club Invest has raised over one hundred percent of its investor stake in cryptocurrencies

Less than a year after putting money into the Rockaway Blockchain Fund (RBF), Venture Club Invest and its investors have received their funds back. Venture Club Invest arranged the conversion of the last received dollars into Czech crowns through Exchange s.r.o. and distributed the amount of CZK 6.9 million among its investors.

A year ago, Venture Club Invest arranged a joint entry into the Rockaway Blockchain Fund for its investors. The total investment was deposited in crowns and Venture Club Invest made the conversion and invested in dollars. The investors received their funds back in crowns and the current payout was accounted for as a return of deposit – it was therefore tax neutral. In this case, the club fund also does not share in the returns of the invested funds. The RBF fund has been opened for 10 years and if further payouts are made or the fund is closed, Venture Club Invest will participate by way of a success fee by withholding according to the agreement with the investor. For this club investment, the average deduction is set at 15%, which is very reasonable given the potential of the investment.

Petr Šedivý, CEO of Venture Club Invest s.r.o. and chairman of the Venture Club z.s. committee says: “The cryptocurrency area is a growing market that is definitely interesting to participate in. We believe that the growth will be in the order of hundreds of percent in the coming years. However, it is very difficult to pick one successful company, which we usually do. The market is volatile and the risk is generally high. That’s why we have avoided cryptocurrencies for a long time. We followed Rockaway Blockchain Fund for a year and the subsequent presentation by Viktor Fischer and Radek Horák convinced us of the suitability of participating in their RBF fund, which also invests in infrastructure for digital assets and projects related to them. We decided to make the investment. It was raised very quickly and we ended up putting in $402,000 for a 10-year investment. After a year, the entire deposit is back and the investment is progressing well.”

Rockaway Blockchain Fund is a leading investment fund in Europe that focuses on blockchain projects and digital assets with $123 million in selected capital. The company has been investing in blockchain projects for nearly five years. The fund has a broad portfolio that outperforms the growth of the digital asset market. The fund’s lead sponsor is Rockaway Capital, which is one of the leading investors in the digital economy in the European market.

“We are aware that the current growing trend of new opportunities in the online world also brings interesting investment and business opportunities. We want to be the best partner for our investors and give them the opportunity to take advantage of various investment projects. We appreciate Venture Club Invest choosing us to invest in digital assets and related projects. Investors received their investment back after only one year, which is a great result, and further investments will continue in the years to come,” adds Radek Horák, Chief Financial Officer of Rockaway Blockchain Fund.

About Venture Club Invest:

Venture Club z.s. is an investment and social club of investors and those interested in investing, which brings together 200 members in an online investment platform operated by the club’s service organization, Venture Club Invest s.r.o. The group focuses on finding, organizing, co-managing investments, social and educational activities, and facilitates networking for its members. Since 2016, over 390 million CZK of investments have passed through the group. Among the projects invested are PetExpert, a general health insurance for dogs and cats, Klíčanka, a development project for 108 apartments, LaFluence, a project for influencers and brands, and ZEBRA Group, an automotive company.

About Rockaway Blockchain Fund:

Rockaway Blockchain Fund is the leading blockchain venture capital fund in Europe. As part of its investment strategy, the fund also invests in other blockchain-focused funds. The fund has an established team, network and existing portfolio of startups, including Solana, Uniswap, Vega, Bitcoin Suisse and 1Inch. Some of the funds that Rockaway Blockchain Fund invests in include Pantera Capital, Polychain, Blockchain Ventures and 1kx. Rockaway Blockchain Fund is part of Rockaway Capital, a leading internet investor with assets in 16 countries and a portfolio generating revenues in excess of €2.5 billion per year.

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