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Venture Club invested in startup Stavario

Investment and social club Venture Club enters Czech startup Stavario, which provides an application for keeping an electronic construction diary. The company will acquire a 36% stake for its investors for one million euros, equivalent to approximately 24 million crowns.

Since 2018, the startup Stavario has been bringing to the Czech and international markets an application focused on the efficient management of construction companies and the maintenance of an electronic construction diary. The investment and social club Venture Club is completing its entry into the company after six months of cooperation. It will ultimately hold a 36% stake, temporarily holding 56%. The remaining percentages will remain, in amounts depending on further developments, in the hands of Stavario’s CEO and founder, Josef Benes, and other minority shareholders, with Martin Hausenblas and his company Etera also one of the investors entering the round. Venture Club supplemented its core investment of CZK 6 million by taking over the investment of Nation 1 Fund at a price of EUR 700,000. The acquisition by the club’s investors thus comes to one million Euros.

The need for digitalization resonates through many different segments and not only in the construction industry can mean a huge shift forward. That is why Venture Club Stavario makes sense. At the same time, we are convinced that this step will give the company the necessary impetus for further development and growth, because we help projects not only with money, but also with mentoring,” explains Petr Šedivý, managing director of Venture Club Invest, adding: “The company is now fully debt-free. The original loans have been converted into shares, which will strengthen its overall stability and performance.”

The Stavario app is designed to provide investors or construction companies with comprehensive and intuitive tools for managing projects, monitoring work performance and optimising all legally mandated processes in the construction industry – and in several different languages. With the help of Stavario, construction companies and builders can better control and document their activities, thus the application not only contributes to a higher quality of the work carried out, but also reduces the risk of possible claims or fraud and, above all, costs.

In addition to the electronic construction diary, the application also includes invoice registration and approval, stock management, fleet management, communication tools and attendance records (using GPS). Stavario has now gained experience through more than 40,000 users and at least 31,000 projects, 125,000 invoices and 60,000 pieces of tools have already been passed through the application. It is currently actively working on implementing AI to enable photo-based construction logging. The technology also recognizes other aspects such as HSE violations, poor quality work and more in the photos.

“The expansion of Venture Club’s stake and the entry of additional investors allow the company to expand further abroad with both a fully translated application and its adaptation for the country’s legislative conditions. As it happened in Slovakia in cooperation with Kros a.s. It is in our utmost interest to always look for new opportunities, which is why we are dedicated to the implementation of AI. Or, thanks to our own experience and feedback from clients and application data, we see room for example in connecting construction companies through our own marketplace. It would allow us to rent or resell unused materials, tools and machines to other companies,” concludes Josef Beneš, CEO and founder of Stavario, with a view to the future.

The press release was issued on 21.3.2024, a nice article was reported by Czech Crunch, for example, or others by Euro, Czech Invest and other media.

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