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With artificial intelligence and machine vision, it monitors production. Czech project wins 50 million

The ambitious Sanezoo project guides robots in production using machine vision and artificial intelligence. He’s already attracted the attention of big companies back home and is looking to take his money overseas.

They meet all the important trends: artificial intelligence, machine vision, automation, robot control project. Sanezoo hasn’t yet made it into the black, but the way it teaches robots to move along production lines and control the products themselves has attracted investors as well as large companies. They have just sent the company 50 million crowns.

Of that, one million dollars, or over 22 million crowns, was sent to her by Venture Club Invest. It is backed by Petr Šedivý, who also becomes a member of the board of directors. The club has an option for another entry until the end of 2023 and plans to double its investment in the future. “Sanezoo is an ideal example of a suitable company for our investors, i.e. a growing company targeting the global market that we can help,” believes Šedivý.

Sanezoo describes itself as a deep-tech company. It automates the work of robots in production where they are not yet sufficient to work independently. In some places it gives them speed or precision thanks to machine vision and artificial intelligence, in others it allows them to control products. And that includes surfaces that are shiny or otherwise difficult for machines to evaluate. But 3D vision can handle milled and painted surfaces, using AI to pick and prepare parts, segment and classify objects. The software even plans collision-free robot trajectories.

The company has five years of development and a previous investment of 80 million crowns. It now says it is in a “go to market” state, i.e. ready for the market. But it won’t be a completely unknown player. It already has references from companies such as Bosch, Škoda Auto and ZF. So far, it’s close to the black financially and envisions expansion into the United States. “We believe that this will make our journey to the global market faster and more successful,” says Luboš Brzobohatý, CEO of Sanezoo, about the cooperation with Venture Club Invest.

Venture Club Invest is a service organization of the private investor club Venture Club and describes itself as an organization dedicated to a specific sector of investment that lies somewhere halfway between private equity and venture funds in terms of volume. Gray is its CEO and partner.

He has had a range of experience in various industries, and based on that experience, he decided to enter companies with an influx of information and the ability to help run them. “You invest in what you understand. And where you can influence what happens in the company. The primary motivation then is not the commission, but the outcome,” he previously told CzechCrunch.


Date: 22.8.2023

Author: Iva Brejlová


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