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ZEBRA GROUP innovates and grows

If you follow the ZEBRA GROUP, you might have seen it more than once recently. It has been written about and its participation at the IFTA fair in Munich (the first Czech manufacturer at the municipal technology fair among the 8 finalists for innovation of the year with the ELZEBRA car), mentioned by the METRO daily and most recently in a longer article by the iDnes daily. After all, the company is interesting and thriving, innovating and selling a lot. The car company is growing 150% year on year. In addition to the diesel short and long cars newly delivered with Caterpillar engines, they are homologating electric ELZEBRA cars, for delivery in September this year. Incidentally, the rival Multicar will not have an electric version until next year. Electric cars mean a good addition to the range of vehicles and an excellent export item. Customers not only in this country, but also in Greece and Germany are interested.

This fiscal year, the company is targeting an annual production of 108 cars and would like to have up to a 10% share of the European municipal vehicle market within 3-5 years. Investors can thus expect not only an interesting dividend but also look forward to a future exit investment. The Venture Club investors – associated in Venture Club ZEBRA s.r.o. – currently hold a 12% stake in the car company and after the completion of the third tranche (which is being completed and you can also participate) their share is expected to rise to 18%.

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