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A successful project needs a leader

Peter Varga, CEO of the project we have invested in and where we are still raising investment, gave a great interview in HN 10.2.2021. To find out what the founder and CEO of LaFluence, a platform acting as a local leader in influencer marketing technology, has to say, check out (after logging in) the Influencer Connector project and search among the downloads.

By the way, Peter gained experience in online marketing at Google in the Czech Republic, Socialbakers or during two years in Thailand at the successful start-up HotelQuickly. He studied financial management at Comenius University in Bratislava and during an exchange stay in Oslo. In our opinion, his leadership is a guarantee that the project will be successful. Every project needs a motivated (and capable) leader, here we have it.

We were in LaFluence for a regular consultation with our colleague Hanuš Brychta for the last time on 10 February and we are happy about the latest development. The principle of collecting business first and then building the product to that is definitely right. We are glad to be there. You can be – if you’re not already – too 🙂

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