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Celebrating and growing

Dear members and supporters of the club, we are celebrating and growing!

We are 72 members as of today. The second tranche of 6 million CZK to the project of veterinary care insurance for dogs and cats has been paid and the third tranche is about to be paid. A unique online insurance product will be launched at the end of March. The battery manufacturing project has already subscribed to 45 Mil CZK from us and the subscription continues – beware – only until the end of March under the current terms and conditions. Details below and on request. If we add in the amount invested in the “Keystone” housing project and Thomas LLoyd, we are approaching £100m total invested by club members in less than a year! Congratulations and thank you for your goodwill. Trust binds and motivates.

I have noticed that some members have not yet filled in their profile with a bank account number for possible investment and uploaded two personal documents, so it has not been possible to prepare a master investment agreement and allow access to investment opportunities. To be able to access the information, the above needs to be completed. There are now two open in the portal and another one in the pipeline. The online platform is, of course, also available to interested parties outside of Prague, and the incentive system is now in place – a reward for bringing in an investor and a project.

We would also like to inform you that the current conditions for joining the battery project are valid only until the end of March and the revaluation of shares for further purchase is expected. We have managed to obtain a valid building permit and subscribe over 20% of the capital and therefore the club will probably have to end the purchase of shares at CZK 110,200 at the end of March. Existing investors can only increase their investment through the club by sending funds to the same account numbers and VS as the first investment. The amount can be any amount, we prefer a total multiple of the share price plus a fee. If you reach a direct entry with an amount of CZK 1.2 million, or if you want to increase an already made entry by a multiple of the share price, you have – it seems – one last opportunity to do so. (Ask!). At the same time, it seems that thanks to the cooperation with the EIB and the State Reserve Fund, MIT…the subscription will continue and the start-up capacity of the factory, and thus the return for investors, will be considerably higher, with the same number of issued and offered shares. Therefore, if you are interested in the matter, I recommend that you contact us immediately.

On the side of the other still open club project – dog and cat insurance… the project is entering the market and the subscription of the second 6 Mil CZK has been completed. The third one is running – the offer of entry to members is valid until sold out, entry is from 40k CZK. Direct entries are also possible, for full club members from 1 Mil CZK.

If you are interested, we are available. We look forward to seeing you – whether online, at social or investment events.

Health and good day wishes
Petr Šedivý
Chairman of the Committee of the Association and Managing Director

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