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Communication for Venture Club will be led by Rubikon PR agency

We want to be seen – and we want to take what we do to a better level again, this time I’m talking about the Venture Club’s PR and media communications. We are now represented by Rubicon PR since the beginning of May. Below is the first message, intended primarily for journalists:

Prague, May 4, 2022 – Venture Club Invest, an exclusive private club for investors and prospective investors, will now work with Rubikon PR on its corporate communications. The agency will provide the investment club with a communication strategy and consultancy in the field of media communication and social networks.

Rubikon PR agency will now handle media communications for Venture Club Invest, a private investment club. It will take care of both corporate communication and communication of individual investment projects of the club. Under the leadership of Key Account Manager Ondřej Tengler, the team will include Barbora Vohralíková and Petra Sedláková. Social media management will be handled by Rubikon’s CDO Daniel Dočekal.

Venture Club Invest is an investment and social club for investors and those interested in investing. It operates in an online investment platform and brings together 200 members. Thanks to the club, they have access to non-public investment opportunities and educational and social events. Since 2016, more than CZK 390 million worth of investments have passed through Venture Club Invest.

Petr Šedivý, CEO of Venture Club Invest, said:  “We started working with Rubikon PR last year to communicate one of our investment projects. Due to the thematic focus of the agency and our satisfaction with the communication strategy of the project, we decided for a longer-term and comprehensive cooperation. We promise that this cooperation will connect us with other people involved in the investment sphere.”

“Venture Club is a very interesting investment project in the Czech environment, which stands at the interface between angel and larger investments and connects experienced individual investors into a very strong group. I am delighted that we will be able to help Venture Club communicate its investments and extensive experience. We hope to connect more prospective investors with this unique online platform.” adds Managing Director of Rubikon PR agency Šimon Rákosník.

Venture Club Invest’s investment projects that have made their way into the public eye include PetExpert, a dog and cat health insurance company, Zebra Group, a Czech car company, Lafluence, an online platform for influencer marketing, and Greenbuddies Charging, a partner for complete solar infrastructure and charging station solutions.

The full report can be found here. More will surely follow 🙂

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