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Current news from projects

As we wrote in the newsletter – did you get ? – the work and meetings of people who oversee investments with business owners is going on. We have added updates to your system. After logging the summary you will see as members more information below. You can then find the downloads under projects, as usual.

ATTENTION: Important news: we have made it more convenient for everyone to join the projects. If you invest at least half a million CZK, it is worthwhile to become a full member! Ask. The smallest investment for everyone is now from 10.020 CZK. Have you seen the detail of the currently sold companies? Take a look at them. Services for the online network advertising segment are going up, as is the growing market for charging stations and storage. It’s good to invest in real estate, but having a piece of the business is a good addition to a portfolio, for anyone.

Current projects:
LaFluence – Influencer conector again posted a better month than last. Net Revenue 503k (i.e. +26% MoM growth). Record all time revenue! – Costs are shown as cashflow. See project for more details.

Greenbuddies Charging – board meeting held, first tranche paid, access to online data for accounting is set up, similar to what we have with PetExpert. The €2m contract in Austria is running, the second one is starting. The first turnover has been paid, and we are starting to fill new positions in Prague and Germany and Austria respectively. We want to do the second tranche! It will be again for 8 million CZK and we are completing the first one.

MES – He3da batteries – next week I am going to Horní Suchá as a representative of the club for a tour of the hopefully already running production. The Battery Unite newsletter has arrived and there is a business plan update – both available to download from the project. That’s the good news, unfortunately the numbers are worse. Capacity ramp-up is going slower than planned. It’s going to be good, but we’ll have to wait a few more years, it seems. We will be asking a lot of Mr Prus and Mr Procházka. However, we continue to believe in the project.

Davosa limited edition watch. The watches have been produced and are starting to sell. Delivery by Christmas. Have you ordered it?

PetExpert – dog and cat insurance only shortly, we are looking for an investor to finance the entry into Belgium (Slovenia is already open and working). The next round is €2.2m and is to enter several markets in Western Europe. The client pipeline is now flatter during the covid, but it’s still progressing, we’re approaching 10k clients and a tipping point – in Q1 2021. Two more years…

Behavee – tracking customer behaviour: the turnaround is still underway. We are dealing with them 1-2 times a week. Project has dozens of paying companies and first corporate contracts signed. They have profiled themselves as an agency on top of their own data, with automations mainly for e-shops, for more effective marekting online. They are also able to work for a perfomance fee, a share of the increase in turnover. We are funding them in part with a still offered loan at 7.6% p.a., guaranteed by the club. (Want a guaranteed return? We’ll make a deal.) Besides, they’ve won awards in England. (Recommendation to invest after setting up a branch there.) We are looking for an investor for €5m, to cover the period until a strategic partner comes in, for €2-3m).

Apartments Klíčanka – the last apartment in Klíčanka CD has been signed. Approved to convert non-residential space into apartments – we will sell them in summer 2021. There will be 4 2 bedroom flats and two 1 bedroom flats, with a terrace. Anyone looking for a nice place to live? Get in touch.

For more information on projects, activities and news we will be happy to tell you in person. Please ask.
If you don’t have a membership and would be interested in adding to your portfolio of investments with direct entries into companies selected and supervised by larger investors, make a membership with us. Meeting people directly involved in projects is a great inspiration, for everyone. The only thing that works in investing, believe me, is diversification.

Have a wonderful Advent and sign up for the concert on December 17, admission will support the Bennewitz Quartet. Your reward will be an experience and maybe even a signed CD under the Christmas tree.

Have a nice day and see you in 2021
Petr Šedivý

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