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Czech inventions: the HE3DA batteries are becoming a reality – also thanks to the Venture Club

The electricity storage segment is an emerging industry with incredible potential. After all, we all need, or will soon need, batteries everywhere.

Electricity storage is used to balance power systems, whatever the energy source. We consume electricity from households to industry. And then there is the expected development of electric mobility, which will need to build a massive infrastructure of storage facilities to recharge vehicles in addition to car batteries.

When we at Venture Club learned about the discovery of Ing. Jan Procházka and the project to build a MES factory for large-scale production, we immediately started to find out how we could support this project, which is one of the successful Czech inventions, with investment.

In the time that the project has been open for investment in the Venture Club, we have already attracted over 80 small and large investors. We met with the project leaders and the creator of the unique battery to find out where the project is and what its expected future development is. And after what we have seen – we are optimistic!

What are HE3DA batteries

The explanation of the unique characteristics of HE3DA batteries was provided by the most competent people: the author of the patent himself, Mr. Procházka, and the owners of Battery Unite, Milan Rýdl and Jaroslav Kučera, who were determined to put the new technology into practice and figured out a way to finance the project from Czech sources.

The HE3DA batteries, which are Czech inventions, have a completely new technological base compared to LIPOL batteries, are environmentally friendly and much safer. They have unique properties that significantly surpass current technologies.

The invention exploits the properties of nanomaterials and separators, which allow the use of much greater electrode thickness. This gives the batteries a wide range of new design possibilities and previously unattainable technical and economic parameters.

The batteries have longer energy storage times with minimal losses than existing batteries. Their lifetime is longer. Safety is guaranteed above all by the different material composition, which has a much higher thermal resistance, and the battery hardly heats up during charging and discharging. The environmental friendliness of the battery is that the materials and design of the battery allow 100% recyclability of the solid parts and a closed battery life cycle.

Perhaps the most important feature of the He3da battery is the 3D – spatial electron deposition on a larger surface and thus with a higher density of electron deposition – compared to the conventional electron deposition on the surface of thin films, in coil batteries, which are most commonly used everywhere today. This is where the battery gets its name: High Energy 3 D Acumulator, abbreviated HE3DA.

What is the state of energy storage in the world?

For many of us it was interesting to hear what the situation in the world the new Czech patent enters. China covers over 60% of the world’s battery production. Europe contributes low units of percent to production. To improve the situation at least a little, the European Commission has set up the European Battery Alliance. The invention of HE3DA may therefore become a turning point not only in the Czech Republic.

The patents that the company has registered give the project a great competitive advantage, but an even better advantage is the pace at which the project is developing and the fact that it is only a few months away from going into large-scale production.

In fact, the best protection against competition is a sufficiently high-capacity mass production of a unique product. In that case, it is easier to buy the product or the production licence than to try to imitate everything.

Where is this Czech invention headed?

Many of us in the club would like to have storage assembled from HE3DA batteries at home as a solution for storing electricity from renewable sources as soon as possible.

Later on, it is possible to count on this use as well. However, the main purpose of the newly built gigafactory for large-scale production in Horní Suchá is to build large-capacity storage for balancing power grids, for which there is currently no suitable solution in the world.

As investors, however, we must appreciate the decision of the project management not to split its attention in production and product development into several sides and to focus on the energy sector, where there is virtually no competition and where new technology can easily fill the missing link in the market.

The biggest advantage of HE3DA batteries for this purpose is the already mentioned capacity with a much smaller space volume, lower control requirements and almost zero on cooling, with high safety and reliability of the solution.

Czech invention, Czech technology, Czech capital

Large-scale production of HE3DA batteries will start this year. We are proud to support this project, which is one of the Czech inventions. We believe, together with the author of the patent and the representatives of Battery Unite, that this Czech discovery will change the face of the Czech Republic, Europe and the whole world. The electricity storage project is open for investment in the Venture Club also for small investors, members of the club.

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