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Day D 17 – Presentation of the innovation agency Direct people

The 17th Tuesday investment evening was marked by a pleasant experience and at the same time slightly disappointed expectations, which the participants forgave the speakers in the end. The meeting took place in the premises of Park Atrium – at 2N Telekomunikace – in Modřany. The three-hour program consisted of a recapitulation of the latest activities and investment projects of the Venture Club, in the second part they presented Direct People – an innovation agency that sends out several start-ups a year.

The discussion over the Start Up Studio got so heated that we managed exceptionally only one break.

14 investors came to listen to the project presented by the innovation agency Direct People. After all, you don’t see an incubator or centre through which you get a stake in each of the upcoming start-ups every day. The project minimizes risks and has great potential.
During the presentation and subsequent discussion we shared great enthusiasm for the project concept and the people behind it, only at the end there was a surprise. Because when the presenters got to the most important thing, i.e. what conditions it offers and what kind of investment they are looking for, only the amount of investment fell. All present were looking forward to the growth assumptions, potential breaking point and financial horizons of the project. Although this key part was missing, we liked their unconventional project so much that we decided to give it a second chance – they can visit D-Day once more on Tuesday, June 12. You can come too!

Are you interested in what made their project interesting and why it was unique? All of the projects and their details that we present during D-Day are available to club members in the login section. And if you’re hesitant to register, just come take a look. The first entry is also available for non-members, just sign up in the Calendar section. You can also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on the spot.

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