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Dry mist extinguishing – a revolutionary new extinguishing technology

Another of the Venture Club’s unique startups is the Alatyr Fire Extinguishing Systems and Dry Mist Extinguishing project. It brings revolutionary patented technologies to firefighters, industrial plants, buildings and homes. It sets entirely new standards in efficiency, environmental friendliness, cost-effectiveness and usability in the fire prevention and suppression industry. Thanks to its ability to extinguish even the burning of chemical and petroleum substances and equipment under current, it is a full-fledged replacement for foam and powder extinguishers, which will soon be banned.

Firefighting is about to be revolutionised, be there!

Another of the exciting investment projects brought to you by Venture Club is about to launch. It is called Alatyr Fire Extinguishing Systems and promises an attractive investment opportunity. The company has a plan to go global within five years and at a minimum valuation of one billion CZK. It offers a unique dry mist extinguishing technology that is certified and patented worldwide. It also has a number of working installations, operational tests and also the first successful trials with professional fire brigades in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The core of the innovation is a patented nozzle and rotor system from the Polish company Telesto. One litre of ordinary water produces up to 20 billion droplets with a surface area of 133 m2, creating 1.7 m3 of steam, which removes air and heat from the fire and extinguishes it. The range of the dry mist is up to 12 metres, in tests it extinguishes any fire within 10 seconds, and including burning oils or electrical equipment, which are otherwise difficult materials to extinguish, it is a kind of solution for dealing with battery fires as well. See for yourself:

Benefits of dry mist extinguishing

“The advantages of our extinguishing system include zero emissions, no contamination with extinguishing agent and virtually no collateral damage. The dry fog evaporates almost without a trace during extinguishing and can therefore be used even in live electrical installations,” says Václav Jung, one of the project investors and a member of the Venture Club. The experienced Alatyr Hasicí Systémy project team has successfully negotiated or implemented the supply of extinguishing systems for historical buildings, refineries, heating plants, public fire brigades and military equipment manufacturers.
“The Alatyr Fire Fighting Systems project brings not only a unique technical solution, but also great timing,” points out Petr Šedivý. The European Union is now pushing firefighters to use environmentally friendly technologies and is planning to ban powder extinguishers from 2021, which could be replaced by dry mist technology. That is why the project investors have already started small-lot production of dry-fog extinguishers in cooperation with the traditional manufacturer Tepostop Přelouč, which has been supplying conventional extinguishers since 1992.

Investment opportunity linked to firefighting

To start large-scale production, an initial investment will be required. The 29th D-Day has already taken place at the Venture Club, where club members were able to get acquainted with the project for the first time. The second round, where we plan to talk more about the specific business plan and form of collaboration with key suppliers, will take place on the 30th. DNU D on Dec. 3. All club members can view the project documents in the member section of the website by logging in to the Investments section. Venture Club members will be notified by the end of the year on how they can join this investment.

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