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Easter and yield payout 24.3%

We wish you a nice spring holiday, a nice Easter, although this year is probably different than usual thanks to the coronavirus. We continue to give good news in the club: the investment Klíčanka is closed, the new investment Influencer connector is opened and we have three new online events to see. We write about the stock markets during the coronavirus here.


  • Today, April 9, the Klíčanka CD was sold. The Club announces a successful completion and return on its first investment, lasting 17 months: we achieved 24.3% appreciation – a gross return. We expect the payout in May.
  • For those who have already invested in the first stage of Klíčanka this is not new, for others: it took three years, the total return is above 40% payout is already running and will run also until May.
  • The investment in Thomas LLoyd is progressing well, we are paying 2% for the first quarter.
  • We are also clearing the investment Verification of Investment Strategy, unfortunately we end up with a small loss here. We invest

New investment – Influencer connector – subscription of the investment is ongoing. We have a minimum for the first tranche of 3 million. CZK. You can join, it is already certain that we are buying a stake in the company.

We will see you

The online breakfast will be on 17.4.2020, A great trip into the world of robots and social network automation and how to (mis)use robots to manipulate information will be on 21.4. We will look into the world of real estate in the time of coronaviruses in America and in our country at a lecture on 12.5.2020.

Thank you for your support and see you soon.

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