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Flyers for open investments, who is Venture Club?

Are you considering an investment and would you like the concept of participating directly in a successful growing company? We currently have two such investments open in Venture Club – the startup LaFluece and the car company ZEBRA, which will mainly produce electric municipal vehicles.

Who is the Venture Club? We are a club of investors that directly manages and co-owns the investments and operates an online platform for investors to sell shares in the company. We currently sell:
LaFluence is a startup invested for a year where we hold 15%, and has grown 4x in a year.
The car company ZEBRA – written about on FORBES or Seznam, has a forecast to increase production 10x.

Downloadable flyers: Venture club description and references; ZEBRA investment; LaFluence investment; LaFluence description EN

Currently available for investment: are shares in a company bringing together investors – ZEBRA: from 50T CZK, LaFluence from 10T CZK, CFDF HE3DA, GREENBUDDIES Charging 2x500T CZK, Questions via email or phone, ask.

More information – video from the evening of 7.12.2021 – can be found in the investment platform for both LaFluecne and ZEBRA projects, after login. At ZEBRA, including a report by our economist and analyst Petr Stepanek. For HE3DA projects, you will find the first part of the evening, where we discussed the ongoing launch of battery production. By the way, Pavel Klein will be interviewing Jaroslav Kučera, president of the company collecting investor investments, on December 17th. (Link is here.) .

We are available for questions – if you are not a member, do register and see? Or call or stop by our event.

Have a nice day

Petr Šedivý
Chairman of the Committee, Managing Director of Venture Club z.s., Venture Club Invest s.r.o., investor

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