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Investments and holidays

It’s summer and the holiday season. Yet time flies by like crazy and the world of investing lives on. Some Venture Club projects are invested and if you have been considering them, the opportunities have passed you by. Others are opening up, others are still going on in the summer – permanently, vacation, not allowed. A little hint, a reminder will surely come in handy. Plus, you’ll get an idea of the kinds of things we’re involved with and consulting on in projects, beyond club socials.

Invested projects

Thirty interesting projects have passed around the club to date. Some have found their investors. For example, a project to build luxury apartments, rubber recycling and the production of activated rubber dust, software projects, and a music club with a restaurant. Some, like the construction of 100 apartments north of Prague, are jointly financed by the club members. Examples?

Development project in Prague 1

A luxury residential project of 32 apartments and 2,500 sqm of commercial space was prepared by a smaller developer – we acted as a non-exclusive facilitator to add equity to an already pre-approved Creditas loan. The amount of equity requested was CZK 20 Mil, intended to supplement approximately half of the funds required. The deal was just a year ago, it was a great interest rate and secured loan, open for a month.

Rubber Recycling

There are multiple technologies – quite commonly available everywhere in the world – and they remove the cord, other wires and canvas from the ground tyres…and the ground mixture of 1-5mm pieces is sold on to processors. This compound is bought by the company where I was and further ground to powder – with completely different properties – it’s machined, with almost no refrigeration…and the cheese is removed…and after compression it becomes raw material for the rubber makers. It was an original Czech patent and several utility models. The company is an original Czech development site connected to several universities, including the civil and mechanical engineering faculties of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The company did not want to sell the patent or the raw material, but ideally, after the investment, the whole chain of factories and downstream operations. It was about processing rubber (first of all), wood, stone, rubble or concrete, or even food. The investment of 6-50 Mil CZK was opened in autumn and found an investor in two months.

Social network for finding a partner

The social network for finding a partner was a project with about 21 thousand users when we found it. For finding a partner or companions for sports, hiking or other activities. It is intended for individuals, companies, can function as a dating site. It can contain paid and free services. There is a web portal, a mobile phone application. It has already passed the first round of funding and has sought and found an investor for further development. The investment was tentatively 3-10 million CZK over a period of three years, it was addressed and resolved early this year.

Music club and restaurant

In the centre, just off Wenceslas Square, a new music club and restaurant is preparing to open in September. It will provide breakfast during the day, refreshments during the day, a café and a restaurant for lunch. The evening and nighttime operations will offer music productions, club concerts partly sponsored by a foreign agency, and quality DJ production. Target group 30+, clients of Náplavka or other bars. The owners – three partners, French, were interested in finding one or several partners to help finance the project. Gastro operation will be managed by a proven person, dragged from a major Prague hotel, with personal references from a Venture Club member. The scope of the investment requested was CZK 10 million, it was resolved in July. The terms were excellent, with a return of less than three years and the prospect of a sustained return at an interesting level. Inestor was found in three weeks.

Open investments

Some are new and others have been monitored for longer and negotiations are maturing. Do you know what our investors fear most? Yes, that they miss an interesting opportunity that they don’t evaluate and leave fallow. Even a small investment can turn out to have interesting potential. For example, we are currently dealing with the first of a network of CrossFit studios, a manufacturer of trailers for foreign markets. We are talking to a “stud farm”, but also to an aircraft manufacturer or we are planning a network of cogeneration units on landfills in Poland. And if you’re artistically inclined, you can make porcelain. Or at least paint it – at, even without investing. The spectrum of opportunities is wide, and that’s leaving aside proven “product” investments such as Thomas LLoyd and his Czech 7% bonds. Open opportunities, selection, status as of the date of publication:

Microbreweries in Sri Lanka

A Czech project, starting up several small breweries in restaurants in Colombo, is looking for a six-month to one-year loan to bridge the period until export agency financing. If you want to save up to two million crowns in the short term at a premium interest rate, get in touch. Of course, if you would be interested not only in short-term involvement but rather permanent, this is also possible. (Illustrative photo.)

CrossFit studio

Not far from the B metro station in Prague 8, a multifunctional building with 4 floors is being prepared for opening. It will be used for relaxation and sports, medical services, physiotherapy, hairdressing. On the last floor there will be a catering service, on the ground floor there is a CrossFit studio with a unique concept, related services and franchising potential. It is looking for a partner and interested members of the public, athletes or coaches. It is set to open around the new year and the project is underway.

Production of premium trailers

A manufacturer of specific tools for the VW group is developing a trailer for transporting luxury motorboats for a wealthier clientele and is looking for partners with whom we can develop this activity. We cover design, technical documentation and production in-house. It is looking for units of millions of crowns and completing the prototype with its own forces. It is a piece-rate custom production, for specific customers, known in advance. Golden Czech hands, as they say.

Stud farm

A provider of services in the field of horse breeding and horsemanship, as well as an organiser of sporting, educational and social events, is looking for an investor to further develop the project. It is running its fourth sports season under a new banner and its third season as a sports event organiser. If you like horses, the business around them, or equestrian sports, this is interesting and it is a reasonable amount to negotiate.

Production of ultralight aircraft

A project to manufacture ultralight jet powered aircraft, with potential use in both the civil and military sectors. A prototype aircraft has been flown and another is in the pipeline. Investment is required to set up a separate plant, complete the tests and market it in Europe and especially in America.
Looking for a big project and potential? Here it is.

Artistic porcelain manufactory

Renowned painter, printmaker, porcelain maker, has had the intention for a long time. Recently, due to increased inquiries and positive response to public workshops, he has revisited the idea and workshops are already running. However, he is still interested in opening a porcelain manufactory where the main production will be his work and facilities for other artists or the public. The investment can be from hundreds of thousands to units or tens of millions. The market is also tourists, export and it is a commodity with high added artistic value.

Interesting projects? Do you have a project or are you interested in investing in a project or interesting product that someone has already had experience with and would like to get references? Alternatively, just want to learn something or meet interesting new friends? Come and take a look and if you like what you see, apply. See the Calendar for upcoming events, and the membership terms and conditions in the About section.

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