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Investor visit to MES/HE3DA Horní Suchá

Investing is connected with Venture Club not only with investing money, but also with the effort to help the invested projects not only with money. That is why investors regularly meet with owners and management in Horní Suchá. This time we met 16 of us, myself, Hanuš Brychta – a big investor, supporter and mentor and Petr Štěpánek, investor, economist and analyst of the club. Of course, there was also a representative from Battery Unite, Mrs. Masaříková, or from Battery Corporation, Mr. Novák. On behalf of MES and HE3DA we were also accompanied by Radomir Prus. Of course, much was discussed and we got relevant answers. We are preparing a detailed report and since this time a big deal was agreed, you have something to look forward to. By the way, MES has really started to go around the market and take orders. Several thousand Robusta batteries have been produced and tens of thousands more will be produced this year. After long promises, we are thus – we believe – looking forward to better times.

Note: you will find the update as of 14.7.2022 after logging into the portal in the project details of your investment.

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