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It’s not only investments that make a man alive

As you know, the club holds three types of events – and will again in Q2. We’ll outline which ones for you to look forward to. So you can choose what interests you and where you want to meet people. Traditionally, we meet new guests at each event, mostly future club members. As well as its social and economic function, the club also serves to make new contacts. And where can we see you? We organize project presentations – D-Days, intended for investors and project owners (the next one on 21.3.). Then presentations and discussions on interesting investment opportunities (e.g. Precious Metals, Stones, Jewellery on 14.3.), aimed at smaller and larger investors and interested parties and finally social events. Because, for goodness sake, it’s just nice to meet each other even at a non-investment event.

What’s in store for the social programme in the second quarter?

You can look forward to a visit to Joe Muczek Jr.’s painting studio on April 11 – we’ve already written about that, and you may have been at his opening, as we were at the Diplomat Hotel in February. Let’s see how the works are created and how investors might view them. We’ll talk to the artist, of course.

The second planned event is in the literary field. Probably around book week we will have an interesting Czech writer invited. We’ll talk, we’ll ask around, we’ll read a bit of the text.

The third planned event is in the field of music. We are discussing a visit to a top-notch ensemble, which nowadays plays more abroad than at home: The Bennewitz Quartet. We believe that this opportunity to talk with top musicians will also be very interesting.

As a surprise, I will keep the venue we are aiming for – you will enjoy it, I believe.
The events are open to members, and guests on their first visit, free of charge. Please see the Events Calendar for exact details and to sign up. And if you are not a member and want a subscription for a year for 1000 CZK instead of 400 CZK per event, please register with us. We would be happy to welcome you (more information here).

We are looking forward to meeting you.
Petr Šedivý, for VCZS

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