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Looking back at the “Ponrepo” event

ICA’s radical event hosted by the Venture Club at the Ponrepo cinema – a joint networking event – took place on Friday 25.11.2016. We started after 2pm and parted ways after 8pm. How was it?

The meeting had the traditional great atmosphere, although a few things were new, unconventional. The event was held in a cinema and 43 people arrived, basically double the usual number. The presenters presented themselves from the stage, and there was a screening not only of the presentations but also of the film. We watched the film “Fugue after the Black Keys”, from 1964, directed by Drahomíra Vihanová (34 min., B&W)… The most interesting as always are the conversations in the backstage – they took place before the event, during the breaks and continued with a great wine of the Jedlička Bořetice Family Winery in the club premises of the Konvikt Palace.

One participant characterized the event as follows. It was original, beneficial and fun. Thank you.” Thank you also, it was only thanks to everyone’s active participation that the event turned out the way it did. And the photos were taken…  (Thanks to Roman Dvorak for perfect documentation – contact Take a look, they show the pleasant atmosphere of the event.

And if you like it, I recommend you become a member and come again.

Petr Šedivý

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