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News from the membership meeting: we are selling direct shares

This year’s membership meeting kicked off the club’s 5th year of operation. There were 40 of us in attendance, 20 members in person and the rest online. Thanks to the covid, attendees came wearing drapes and, with a few exceptions, wore them the entire time, except for meal breaks. I, as the speaker, had the advantage and took it off – he would not have been able to hear me on the microphone with the drape. We believe that in a healthy body is a healthy spirit and no one was harmed in the mutual consideration. It is certainly true that we need to remain optimistic and it is a good idea to take care of our future – perhaps by investing, crisis not crisis, veils not veils .)

The membership meeting took note of the results of the financial year 2019, we ended the club with a profit of 71 thousand CZK, with a turnover of almost 1.5 million CZK. Compared to last year, this is more than double the figure. This year, we believe, will be similar, by the way. The meeting also approved a reduction in the number of club committee members from 8 to 7, a situation that has been going on for more than a year. The last item on the agenda was an invitation to attend club events, the most interesting of which is probably the invitation to a trip on 10 October to the He3da battery factory, in Horní Suchá. Registration is via the calendar, as usual. After a short break, the second part of the evening followed, dedicated to projects and a new feature: the public sale of shares in companies.

If you want a reminder of the meeting and information, check out the presentation – downloadable here – or the YOUTUBE recording, a video of the second part of the evening. video recording of the evening.

A recap of the information on the state of the club was the first item of the presentation, probably not much comment is needed here. There are 185 of us and the amount of funds invested is 300 million CZK, over 4 years. We are growing and it is thanks to you, thank you!

The biggest news is the introduction of the sale of shares in companies founded by the club, which bring together investors to buy shares in projects. New from September onwards (and we believe no later than October 1, it will be possible to order through the Club Invest platform), it is possible to participate directly in the assets of a project by buying a share. The benefits? Total transparency – the shareholder has the right to information, participation in general meetings and, in proportion to the funds invested and thus participation in the share capital of the company, the right to share in the proceeds. In addition, if he gives his consent to publication in the Commercial Register, his share will also appear in the Commercial Register. Such shares can then be transferred, of course, and it is not necessary to be a long-term member of the club to hold them. However, we recommend it – only members are guaranteed access to other projects and the opportunity to participate in the club’s activities – educational, social and even investment. Technically, the club sells shares either directly or in the form of share certificates – you can find out how for any given project in the non-public section of the club’s website, the Invest platform. Important note: the first purchase is only possible for club members. After all, we want to know who we are doing business with. If you ask about the disadvantages, I can only think of the fact that the procedure is new and slightly changed. And if you’d mind being listed on the registry – there is still the option to use the club’s non-public funds as before.

For starters, we are opening up 4 projects right away. So everyone can choose, we believe. We continue to sell shares – by joining the club’s subsidiaries – in LaFluence (successfully connecting infuencers with brands, agencies). You can get a share in the first restaurant 4OCEANS Kobližná, in Brno, the germ of a future new restaurant chain with fast food and a range of fish. You can diversify by buying a stake in Greenbuddies Charging, a company representing the supply of charging stations and storage, where a cooperation with the battery manufacturer He3da, MES, is underway. And if you are a proponent of more conservative projects, we recommend participating in the upcoming construction of 10 single-family homes near Brno. The project is for a year and a half and counts on very nice economics.

Members can find more information in the Invest investment platform, after logging in. We will be happy to provide any information on request. If you are interested in the opportunity, write to us and tell your friends. Investing together to buy a stake in a company is safer for everyone.

What can I say in conclusion? We believe that direct participation in a well-run and selected project pays off. In the same way that our investment in the Klíčanka housing development project was successful (double to triple digit percentage returns, depending on the type of investment), our investment in the PetExpert dog and cat health insurance was successful (after 2.5 years we are at 3-4 times the investment in the project valuation), or our massive involvement in the He3da battery production, we believe that others will be successful as well. Of course, all due diligence does not guarantee the possibility of a full loss of a particular investment, however, if more experienced people agree on a project and supervise it continuously, the chances of a good outcome are considerable. Either way, we recommend diversifying. Multiple projects and combinations with, for example, loans, bonds, will pay off. The club can also help, by offering a “bond” for sale – a loan at 7.6% pa fix interest, with quarterly payments.

We look forward to further cooperation, investing well.
MUDr. Petr Šedivý
Chairman of the Club Committee, Managing Director of Venture Club Invest, Investor

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