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News LaFluence and MES-He3da

Quarterly numbers were published after the quarter end for both the He3da battery project, MES and LaFluence. Investors will find the update as usual.

We will add just two short reports: LAfluence continues to grow by 80% and we continue to raise investment. We are considering another round after the new year. But as usual – early investors have better terms…

The second news: at the end of August Battery Unite and CFDF will hold an investor conference in Prague, with the participation of Radomir Prus and Jan Prochazka. After all, the project is already in production, taking orders, the amount of advances is in the order of 100s of millions of CZK. The Venture Club is planning a visit to the factory – although it is not on the calendar – in the autumn, probably on a Saturday. Yes, it takes longer, but having a non-flammable, environmentally friendly, long-life, high-capacity battery that can be produced cheaply in principle, in large batches, and even without some rare metals, is simply a good thing. And we have one! It is suitable in the standard version for industry, the fast-charging version can be for automotive and for special purposes we can supply antifreeze down to -60 degrees Celsius.

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