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Petr Štěpánek became the new CFO of Venture Club Invest

Prague, 19 October 2022 – The new CFO of Venture Club Invest, a service organization of Venture Club, is ing. Petr Štěpánek. In addition to his position as CFO, the experienced economist and analyst will also serve on the supervisory boards of some of the companies in which Venture Club has invested in the past. Štěpánek previously served as CFO of 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE, a private investor and external financial manager.

Along with his role as CFO of Venture Club Invest and member of the Venture Club Committee, Petr Štěpánek has taken on the role of Supervisory Board member in Zebra Group (Czech manufacturer of multifunctional municipal vehicles), Greenbuddies Charging (supplier of charging stations and storage) and Lafluence (a company supporting influencers with brands in the market).

Petr Štěpánek says of his new position, “My main task, in addition to the standard job of a CFO in an investment company, supporting investee companies in financial management and reporting, is to contribute to building Venture Club as a strong investment group.

Petr is a graduate of the University of Economics with many years of experience in financial management in manufacturing companies. During his tenure, 2N has multiplied its turnover and profit several times and successfully went through the process of selling to a multinational group. Petr has been investing for a long time not only as an investor but also as a consultant in the field of project and company management. One of his activities this year is active participation in the investor board for Venture Club in the lithium battery production project HE3DA, MES.

“Peter will also be a support in selecting projects for future Venture Club investments. We welcome him to his new position and believe he will take the professional management of our activities to a new level,” adds Petr Šedivý, Managing Director of Venture Club Invest and Chairman of Venture Club, on the appointment.

About Venture Club Group:

Venture Club z.s. is an investment and social club of investors and those interested in investments, which brings together 240 members in an online investment platform operated by the club’s service organization, Venture Club Invest s.r.o. The group focuses on finding, organizing, co-managing investments, social and educational activities, and facilitates networking for its members. Since 2016, over CZK 440 million in investments have passed through the group. Among the invested projects are PetExpert, a health insurance for dogs and cats, the development project for 108 apartments Klíčanka, a project for influencers and brands Lafluence and the car company ZEBRA Group.

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