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Real estate project Simply Development

There are many investment opportunities in general. They differ classically in terms of yield, liquidity and risk. For those of you who are thinking about investing in a real estate project, here is a specific tip: Simply Development (SD), a cooperative based in Prague 8. The presentation for those interested in both selling the investment and participating will take place on March 29 in Prague (the deadline is Monday, March 27 at noon). We will be happy to provide more information later.

Principle: cooperators can benefit from specific development projects from a deposit of 50,000, with a known efficiency and deposit period in advance. Whoever is interested becomes a cooperative member and gains access to the projects – and, by way of an extraordinary deposit, can participate in the subsidiary cooperatives set up for that particular project.

For example, would you like a two-year investment with an interesting return? Example: exclusively SD offers a project in Prague 9.

It is a project for the construction of 16 family houses, including access roads and technical infrastructure networks, in a quiet location with good access to the centre of Prague. The first stage consists of two connected parts – a plot in the northern part of the site with semi-detached houses A and a plot in the northeastern part with semi-detached houses B. The houses have two floors, flat roof, are unbasement, with one 4-bedroom unit. House A has 3 uncovered parking spaces on the plot, House B has 2 uncovered parking spaces on the plot.

And how does that work?

After registration, the application for membership is approved by the co-op’s board of directors, and the member has 5 days from registration to pay the co-op’s share. If you don’t catch up, the registration is cancelled. After payment, you become a cooperative member with all the rights and opportunities of a cooperative member. If you change your mind, you have 14 days from the registration to cancel it and have your money refunded if necessary.

In the inner zone of the SD website you will then see the different projects that are being implemented and you will be able to choose which one your money will go to…. The co-op will build and sell the project and you will get your appreciated co-op share back when the project is finished.

Compared to other projects, funds, here you choose both the liquidity of the money and the expected profit. It can be seen as a change for the better and more control over what we do with our money. What do you think?

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