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Successful networking, Venture Club Invest launches

24.11.2017 was a successful event in Ponrepo cinema. 2nd year of ICA – Venture Club networking. There were about thirty people, two projects from the fashion industry and most importantly, the new investment platform Venture Club Invest and its first project. We summed it all up over wine, from the family winery Jedlička, Bořetice. How did it all go and how can you get involved in the new investment platform?

New networking: we welcomed a record number of participants: 66! The presentation of almost 30 of them in groups of six ran from the stage under the excellent moderation of Tomáš Havrda and Petr Šedivý. Each hour or so was separated from the next by a networking break with excellent catering by Cafe Ponrepo. We saw presentations by Peter Matisk and his book on marketing. We were intrigued by the project of the fresh elegant upcoming new women’s brand ÓNA color wear by Ms. Nayla Afandiyeva. Maybe you know this nice lady from the field of beautiful wedding dresses? She is applying to the club to invest in the project and we look forward to seeing her products soon. She is planning a boutique in OC Kotva in Prague and an e-shop targeting simple and elegant fashion for women who appreciate combinability and at the same time prefer uniqueness.

Venture Club kicked off its part with a film about the event on September 22, 2017: a black and white film combining footage from the event with footage from the film Berlin die Symphonie der Grossstadt, underscored by great music performed by the Benewitz Quartet. By the way, the club is going to see the quartet in concert in January, when we will go to the Rudolfinum. This was followed by the unveiling of a new graphic design for the project, announcing a new website, logo and, most importantly, the investment part of the portal, which is run by Venture Club Invest s.r.o. and is exclusively for club members. Basically, in short, if the club selects a project and the regular members, the larger investors, invest and oversee it, other club members have the opportunity to join them – even with a smaller investment. Everyone gets the opportunity to profit from the results of the projects and at the same time knows the people behind the project. Yes, this is an investment where, if it fails, there is a risk of up to 100% loss. Venture Club Invest essentially runs a fund, as a fund manager, written for that particular investment opportunity. It is an unregulated and unsupervised entity, registered with the CNB under par. 15, Act No. 240/2013Sb ( ZISIF). On the other hand, where else do you have a similar opportunity? The investor – a member of the club – decides for himself in which project he will invest. Invest accumulates the funds and co-finances the project. The proceeds are then distributed, according to predetermined rules. Everyone is happy.

At the moment, the PetCare project is open – insurance of veterinary care for dogs and cats. A very well prepared startup that will be on the market after the new year and where you can get involved. Interestingly, apart from the planned exit, the perfectly prepared insurance model already approved by an unnamed large Czech insurance company envisages a dividend model of operation, targeting a really interesting yield. And now we have to stop the introduction and, if you are interested, recommend: become a member of the club, detailed information can be found in the new section of the Invest portal.

Registration is possible on the recommendation of an existing member – if you don’t know him or her, or don’t know his or her registration number, you can dial the number of Peter Gray, the chairman of the committee: 71700001, or contact us. We know our members’ numbers and they know theirs too, they’ll be happy to tell you 🙂

So with Invest, the Venture Club has gained an online investment platform to add to its social, educational and informative function at D-Day. It helps networking, learning about opportunities. If you want, it can help you evaluate your available funds.

The Invest presentation was followed again by a film – this time about a fashion show from London, introducing the FranciArazzi fashion show by Ms. Olina Francova and Ms. Jitka Arazimova . You can find more on their website. The tasting of the family winery Jedlička Bořetice was also great. The participants enjoyed a good chat over good wine and most of us bought a few bottles for ourselves and our loved ones for later.

Interested in the chat? Would you like to come to other similar events, become part of a community of people, a good company with a passion for investment, sustainable, ethical and profitable projects? We are a select group of friends and business partners and have real projects and companies behind us. We would love to welcome you to join us, just apply. If we’re a good fit, we’ll take you on.

We look forward to seeing both clubs at future events and see you soon!

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