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Dear investors, those interested in investments, visitors of the website,
in the current crisis situation with Ukraine and Russia, we would like to share our position. Maybe it can be an inspiration for someone.

The situation in Ukraine affects us all directly. We have been living in abundance for a long time and although our work is not easy, we have been able to do business and be successful together thanks to peace and freedom. While our job is to look after investment and not politics, we are committed to ethics, to the societal overlap of our activities, and for this to continue in the future, we need to engage in other ways.

For this reason, we have decided to contribute 100,000 CZK through the Embassy of Ukraine’s account set up for the purchase of defence equipment, and we would also like to ask you, if you have been hesitant so far, to join in any way and in any amount to help Ukraine as well. This financial assistance serves to maintain current values. We think it is the least we can do.

We add links: firstly, to time-tested NGOs that have great experience in organizing humanitarian aid in war zones. ADRA, People in Need. Next, a link to the overall aid signpost: – where you will also find a direct link to the Embassy of Ukraine account (on FB and here) or the Ukrainian Central Bank with a multi-currency account for the purchase of defense equipment.
Thank you all!

Petr Šedivý, Radim Horák, Tomáš Barczi, Hanuš Brychta, Viktor Zeisel, Petr Marek
Committee of Venture Club z.s.

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