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Taxation for 2021

The year has come and gone and the deadline for filing personal and corporate income tax is approaching again. If you are filing electronically – you are not concerned with the end of March, but very likely the end of April. If you are filing with a tax advisor, you should notify the IRS and the deadline is then the end of June. Either way, we recommend you contact your accountant or adviser, everyone’s situation is individual.

Simply put: there wasn’t much last year. Venture Club z.s. paid some members a small commission from the incentive scheme in 2021 – this is taxed by the members themselves, as a one-off, extraordinary income. No receipt is given for the income – members have a contract and, depending on what they received in remittance, they include the total themselves. In addition, we have paid several members for Venture Club Invest Ltd. by way of a return of deposit from the DB04 club fund – these are tax neutral. And if someone has proceeds from a club loan – they include the interest as extra income themselves. A certificate is not issued. Of course, if the club paid any wages, we process those as standard – we list them for completeness.

There was no investment income in the true sense in 2021. In 2022, as you know, we have already returned part of the deposit to people with the VCBF fund – almost 25% – but that is not the subject of discussion now. However, it will not be subject to taxation in 2023 either – it was a return of deposit. By the way, it seems we will go to pay again soon, again expecting about 25%.

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