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Thomas Lloyd – direct income investments

We have been bringing you information about what has been happening at Thomas Lloyd (TLL) since the club’s inception. We also started the club because we wanted people to tell each other about good experiences with TLL investments. Thomas Lloyd is a conservative and superior return investment with a direct stake in the company’s bottom line and with an environmental and social impact, which fitted into our sphere of interest. However, towards the end of this year, TLL is undergoing significant changes. We have therefore decided to dedicate another investor education event, as well as this article, to the topic of infrastructure investment.

What or who is Thomas Lloyd?

If you don’t know who Thomas Lloyd is, don’t worry about it. He is not a founding figure who gave the company its name and he has nothing to do with Lloyds bank either. Nor is it a British project, as the name would suggest. The origins of the project are German, and because of that it is run with all the German consistency, precision and care.

The company’s history counts over 100 successfully completed infrastructure projects in 22 countries, mainly in the USA, Canada, the Philippines and currently in India. The company was established in 2003 and sells investment deposits mainly in the form of private placements. Therefore, you will not learn anything about specific investment products or return percentages in this article. If you are still interested in the topic of profitable yet conservative investments, please contact us or sign up for membership directly. If you are already a member, you will find everything in the Product Investments – Thomas LLoyd section after logging in. But now back to what it’s all about.

A vision for infrastructure investment with impact

Thomas Lloyd is dedicated to building infrastructure in developing and emerging countries. It raises money from private investors and uses it to fund projects in power generation, transport, telecommunications, social services or building supply and waste treatment networks. It is currently building two types of alternative energy plants: solar power plants and biomass combustion. Once built and commissioned, it usually sells these plants to the government of the country, sovereign funds and organisations or banks. The new business model will be different, and further acquisitions are and will be made to hold and generate revenues from long-term operations.

In doing so, the Company is not only looking at the economic profitability of the projects. Their commitment is: We realise sustainable value. The “spin-offs” are environmental and social in nature. Thomas Lloyd fulfils its responsibility towards investors, the environment and the inhabitants of the respective locations. And the amazing thing is that they have a sixteen-year history of proving that this is possible and, as a result, are setting the trend for impact investing worldwide.

Negros Island, Philippines or how it works in practice

On Negros Island, for example, Thomas Lloyd has financed, co-developed, built and then connected five solar power plants to the grid. It is currently completing 3 biomass power plants in the same location, the first of which is currently being commissioned. The biomass power plants will burn the waste product of the sugar cane harvest, which is widespread on the island. The company has already invested nearly $700 million in these projects, resulting in plants with a total capacity of 272 megawatts.
The company is creating a large number of jobs, not only in the construction phase of the plants, but also for subsequent operations. Over 80 percent of the employees are local residents. On-site accommodation is provided for some of the workers and their families. The health centres they are building are available to the employees and other residents in the area. The building of a supply and waste disposal network contributes to the overall strength of the region. Local communities, local food growers and producers, and caterers are developing. By contributing to a “special education fund”, the company supports the building of schools and social facilities.

The social, environmental and economic impact of renewable energy investments on Negros Island in the Philippines has been demonstrated and quantified by Thomas Lloyd in the form of the 2018 Impact Report, which, along with other documents, is available to Club members by logging into the members’ section of the website or on request. The document demonstrates that the result of investment is not just revenue numbers on a spreadsheet, but a real difference in the quality of life for local residents.

Planned changes to Thomas Lloyd’s products

What struck us about Thomas Lloyd’s products is that they are conservatively managed investments with direct participation in the company’s performance, not usually corporate bonds, which have often been seen as a risky investment vehicle in recent times. After all, direct participation in the outcome of a project is the model we apply at the Club and for our own investment opportunities. In the coming months, TTL plans to close almost all of its mutual products and individual funds. They will be replaced by other products that match the high security and more usual interest rates.

Most certainly, TLL is closing the installment product VARIO, which can be purchased in the order of units of thousands per month. The terms and conditions of the one-off contracts are also changing, where you can invest in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of CZK. TLL also offers suitable products for qualified investors and these will also change.

Many of our investors have put and are putting their trust in Thomas Lloyd. We believe, justifiably, that the results will not disappoint and we are happy to recommend this type of investment to others. If you would like further information, please contact us. Members will also find details in the members section after logging in – including several years of history and a current list of open opportunities. We can also discuss TLL issues at the club evening on 8 October 2019. Please take the opportunity. We believe this is a good time to look at what is ending and what is beginning. You may get an excellent product suitable for your investment portfolio.

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