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Thomas Lloyd – How to do it?

Currently, all the agenda is handled online, within the investment platform. For more information please contact me.

Petr Šedivý, tel. 603 865 545, email:

For comparison, here is an older procedure, now no longer valid. For existing investors, the following works. Others are already using only the on-li investment platform.

The procedure was still basically the same for all products: we needed your identification data and other data to prepare the necessary contracts for signature. It used to be : an xls (or pdf) spreadsheet. We also needed to ofotit the OP.

We prepared the contracts for signature. Subsequently, we handed over – it was a receipt – and paid the investment within the agreed timeframe. Then the proceeds came in and until you terminate the contract, it continues to run after the agreed minimum term. Contracts could always be terminated on 31 December, once a year.

CTI3, CTI6: a commission contract was concluded with a securities dealer – Cyrrus (older contracts were managed by ATLANTIK). The company confirmed the acceptance and the creation of the account. Money was then sent to the account with the custodian and then we forwarded the prepared Instruction to Purchase Security. The documentation included the completion of an investment questionnaire, in accordance with the legal regulations in our country.

CTI9, CTI5 and DB (Private Placement): the contract was concluded in German and a Czech version of the contract was also provided. Subsequently, Thomas LLoyd confirmed receipt by email and later by regular mail. SEPA payment was sent. The receipt of the payment was also confirmed. You could log in to the office online at Thomas LLoyd, where reports and tax confirmations were continuously coming in, and all the documents for your contracts were also there.

Notes on taxation and investment management:

CTI3 is self-taxed by the investor, depending on whether they are an individual or a corporation, at different rates – you cannot apply the time test (so the return is gross, plus before fees.

Taxation of CTI9, CTI5 and DB (Private Placement): Thomas LLoyd issues a double-tax certificate on the taxes paid and, in general, the German product is taxed in Germany. It is possible to later apply to the relevant Czech tax office for a refund (settlement) of the difference in taxes paid. The tax rate in Germany is higher for FOs – 26%, while the rate for individuals is 15%.

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