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ThomasLloyd in Barcelona as a speaker at the World Bank’s “Innovate4Climate” conference

The Venture Club is following with interest information regarding the Thomas Lloyd Group. Investments are also available in the form of publicly approved Crown Bonds, and are always socially responsible investments. (For more information, please get in touch.) We are picking up an interesting article about the World Bank conference published on the ThomasLloyd website.

From 22 to 25 May 2017, ThomasLloyd’s leading representatives participated as speakers at the World Bank’s “Innovate4Climate” conference initiated by the Spanish government in Barcelona.

A wide range of government delegates, leaders from banking and finance, multilateral institutions and organizations, high-level experts from the technology sector and various economic sectors heeded the World Bank’s call to participate in this new conference format aimed at promoting global dialogue to discuss innovative ways to accelerate globally necessary climate action.

Under the agenda item “Mobilizing the Private Sector for Green Solutions“, speakers from ThomasLloyd T.U. Michael Sieg, Group Chairman and CEO, and Tony Coveney, Head of Merchant Banking and CEO Americas, spoke to leading representatives from the political, economic and technology fields in various forums about the successful implementation of climate-friendly infrastructure projects undertaken in emerging market countries in Asia.

In addition to ThomasLloyd, other speakers at this forum included Alzbeta Klein, Director of Climate Business at the International Finance Corporation, Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso SA, Christoph Jungfleisch, Director of Credit at Mobisol, Manash Mitra, Director of Credit and Advisory at Tata Cleantech Capital Limited and Jonathan Taylor, Vice President of the European Investment Bank.

We are extremely pleased to be invited to the first Innovate4Climate conference and thus to continue our close cooperation with the World Bank and IFC. We are happy to support in the future as a partner and competent person this format of the world conference, which has underlined much more the importance of a joint dialogue between policy makers and economists to accelerate global climate action.”

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