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Bata’s footprint in contemporary management

The evening will be hosted by Mr. Gibala at 5pm, we will update on SANEZOO and open the investing.

We will then follow up at the original time of 6pm with the planned economic topic:

Prof. Ing. Růžena Petříková. We will also look at some of the Bata concepts and models applicable in current practice.

The professor (CV) is the author of several books, such as Modern Knowledge Management (2011) and People in Management Processes (2007). The Ostrava native is a graduate of the University of Mining and Metallurgy – Technical University of Ostrava, where she habilitated in 1988 in the field of Slevárenská technologie. In 1995, she also habilitated in the field of Production Quality and Safety of Technical Systems at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Košice, and in 2001 she was successfully inaugurated there. She is the author of more than a dozen monographs, a number of scripts and teaching texts, more than three hundred scientific articles in journals and proceedings both domestic and foreign.

In 2003, she was selected as Manager of the Year in the education and consulting sector. From 1993 to 2013 she was the director of DTO CZ, s.r.o. (formerly Dům techniky Ostrava) until 2007 she was the permanent representative of the Czech Republic in the World Federation of Engineers WFEO. She can also be found in the company VI – Value Innovation s.r.o., where she has been a partner since 1994.


Come and listen to interesting information, ask questions, discuss and share your experiences.

The evening is free for full club members (full membership), with a £200 entry fee for basic club members and other guests, subject to prior registration below. After all, we need to order the right amount of refreshments and choose the room layout. The evening will be streamed – please register below to send the link.

Non-club members are only allowed to attend part of the evening from 6pm or must have a signed NDA with the club. In that case they can attend the first part. Please contact us for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Radim Horák, Petr Šedivý

Park Atrium u spol. 2N, Pod Vinicí 2028/20, Praha 12

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