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Beaujolais nouveau

Due to the emergency until 20.11. the event in the Cafe and the personal meeting on 19.11. will unfortunately not take place. As a thank you, the Venture Club will send a bottle of beaujolais to the regular members on 11/19. We have to taste it ourselves at home this year .) If you want to remind yourself what it was like last time, the video is on the youtube channel of Venture Club z.s.

I’ll see you all later – the emergency ends one day – and we’ll chat over a drink. Cheers, friends.

This year we are holding the fifth year of a successful event, same place and time- as other years. Great wine, food and atmosphere. Registration possible now below – attention, until 18.11.2020 and this year thanks to the interest but only after logging into the portal, only for full members of the club and with those basic pro, what have a new club investment this year. Not a member? You can register here, investing is possible from 10 thousand CZK. (If the event can not take place in the Cafe, participants will receive Beaujolais nouveau by courier, this year will be great! And see you online.)

In ancient times, people liked to enjoy new wine because for centuries winemakers couldn’t make wine that wouldn’t spoil. Beaujolais Nouveau is made in the same way as all wines born in Beaujolais, but faster. This is so that it retains its freshness and youthful exuberance, a hint of fruity aromas and rapid fermentation. From the 19th century onwards, Beaujolais winemakers shipped the young wine to Lyon, where it became so popular that it was nicknamed ‘the third river of Lyon’, and soon became popular with Parisians too.
Young Beaujolais is only legally allowed to be opened/consumed from midnight on the 3rd Thursday in November. Originally this was fixed for 15 November, but as the date often fell on a weekend, which was not practical from a sales point of view, the principle of a ‘sliding’ Thursday was adopted.

We look forward to seeing you, friends. Cheers! …you can never have too much, can you?

Petr Šedivý and the Venture Club Committee


Registration is possible only after logging into the portal, log in first and then in the Calendar you can make registration for the event. We will be happy to confirm your participation – if you meet the conditions for participation. We are already too many, … Thanks for your understanding.