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Biomaterials for the 21st century

The evening is dedicated to a promising sector – advanced biomaterials, degradable materials for human medicine, veterinary medicine and cosmetic industry. We are considering supporting an interesting future startup or spin-off. The evening prepared in cooperation with the Brno office of CEITEC, led by Doc. Ing. Lucy Vojtová, Ph.D., dedicated to research in the mentioned areas for many years. You can look forward to an interesting topic.

How did it all start for us almost a year ago? My colleague Radim Horák met her by chance and they had a chat. It turned out that research, as it has many times before, comes up with interesting things that end up published in the trade press and in a drawer. Biomaterials are created that doctors, lab technicians, or others cheer about and comment that “this” is what they need. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a degradable skin substitute, for healing burns. fixing a damaged spine, joint replacements, or better “agar” for biologists. And that it would actually be nice to help at least some materials into commercial use.

Then we called, wrote, and went to CEITEC several times. And the topic interested us so much that we decided to do an information evening at the beginning, just on the topic of biomaterials. Research, development, putting into practice, patents,… Even just to learn how things work in this field is worth it. Plus, maybe we can figure out how to move forward…

The first part of the evening will be devoted to a recap of projects and news in the club, the actual presentation starts at 6 pm.

Due to the emergency and covid time, the evening is online. Sign up below, as usual.

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Petr Šedivý

Microsoft Teams Meeting, online, Praha 1

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