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Why be interested in Blockchain and what exactly is it? Where, how and how much money is being made in this area?

Viktor Fischer, Managing Partner, Rockaway Blockchain Fund, will introduce us to the issue and present an interesting investment opportunity.

We saw the presentation and we were very interested. We all know the concept of cryptocurrencies. Some have made a nice profit from them – whether in the area of holding their own cryptocurrency – bitcoin, or hundreds of others – or in the area of cryptocurrency mining – infrastructure. However, the use of the blockchain (which ensures the undeniability of transactions and the decentralisation of verifiers) is much broader and different: cryptocurrencies are traded (trading), financial services run on it and payments are made. There are data projects. All of this needs infrastructure projects and infrastructure, not just cryptocurrency wallet supplies, vaults. By 2030, the market is expected to grow 300x.

The first part of the evening will be dedicated to blockchain. The second part of the evening will look at the Rockaway Blockchain Fung that opened last year. There will be room for any questions as well. Opening a club fund is also under consideration if members are interested.

To attend please reserve your place below, you will receive a link to sign up before the event. For Venture Club members, admission is included in the cost of membership. Non-members will receive an invitation to pay the £200 entry fee after registering below or by email, and a link to sign up once paid. The event is – due to ongoing restrictions – online only.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Venture club

Microsoft Teams Meeting, online, Praha 1

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