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Cake tasting paired with wine in Saint Tropez

Venture Club brings investors together for the purpose of investing and shared experiences. At the end of April, we have prepared a truly exclusive event at the Café Saint Tropez at 376/20 Karmelitská Street – a cake tasting paired with wine. We will be guided by Mr. Jiří Nosál, as you will find out not only a great pastry chef and host, but also an excellent storyteller and a very interesting person. He worked in the Boards of Czech banks, but he finished his confectionery later. Apart from his pastry shop and the history of pastry, he is now involved in other activities, such as an AI startup that can optimize loan acquisition processes for banks.

But on to the evening ahead: It’ll be about great company and interesting conversation, with cake tasting, tasting sweets paired with wine. The evening promises to be such an extraordinary culinary and social experience. The café will be open just for us. And we can recommend it – don’t miss it. Seating is really limited this time. Sign up early.

History: The confectionery-café originally existed in Vodičkova Street, where it was founded by Mr Nosál’s grandfather, Vilém, in the 1920s. You could have visited it there in the pre-civil war era (as I did). Since February 2020 it is now in a new location – in Karmelitská Street. There is a shop and a café there.

The main pillar of the Saint Tropez patisserie is top-quality original confectionery and the highest quality ingredients. Traditional Czech and French desserts are made according to the recipes that Vilém Nosál used to make in the 1920s. In addition to the amazing cakes, the confectionery is also famous for its chocolate products. It cooperates with the best chocolate producer in the world, the Valrhona company, and is the only confectionery in the Czech Republic to boast the title of Valrhona Expert (a kind of chocolate Oscar).

Under the guidance of master confectioners, Saint Tropez also organises courses for the public in both Czech and English, such as a course on popular macaroons or chocolate truffles.

In 2012, the confectionery received the title of Absolute Winner in the category of confectionery of the year for the whole Czech Republic and Moravia. It also holds the Czech record for the largest chocolate bar ever made in the Czech Republic – it weighed a full 360 kilograms.

Michaela Nosálová, who also became a French pastry chef during her years of apprenticeship, takes care of the confectionery and production. The business is run jointly by Jiří Nosál and Lukáš Otys. Lukáš is also in charge of marketing and PR.


Registration for the event below – entry is preferential this time for members with full (more expensive) membership, including escorts. For others: apologies only if there is space left, so register as a substitute for now. Admission is per person with about 50% discount 1 thousand CZK. If you are not a member or there is no room for you this time – sorry, see you next time? Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to seeing you.

Petr Šedivý

Kavárna Saint Tropez, Karmelitská 376/20, Praha 1

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