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Club committee, members meeting

Times bring new challenges and there are enough points that we would like to discuss in a wider forum of (not only) full members. That is why a club committee has been announced for Tuesday 24.11.2020. The committee, as a working meeting, meets in person, with the option however to join online. We will leave it up to the discretion of each committee and club member as to what kind of participation they prefer. We primarily invite regular members, but the meeting is open to all members – as always. The meeting will take place at the club’s headquarters, Konviktská 24, Prague 1, Insignia area.

Possible topics and questions

The club is in its fifth year, we have 4 current projects open for investment and several invested. The year 2020 is marked by the coronavir crisis, the need to meet more only online. In general everything is more complex. The economy of some industries is taking a “hit”, others are thriving. More members have left the club without investing and there is a limited, compared to the past, new influx of new investors. At the same time, every crisis is also an opportunity for growth. We want to look at what to do better, where to put more energy, how to ensure stability in the coming period. This is also about valuable feedback from members. What to keep, what to change…

The November 24 committee aims to open up discussion in the following areas. Random order (details after logging into the club website, please log in):

Marketing, recruiting investors, presenting the club to new and existing members

Club’s company structure and possible expansion with a.s.

Project management, staffing of the club’s agenda, downstream economics of the club


Looking forward to the meeting. Refreshments will be provided for registered participants and for remote participants, sending a link to sign up via TEAMS.


Petr Šedivý

Chairman of the Venture Club z.s. Committee, Managing Director of Venture Club Invest s.r.o.

palác Konvikt, Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1

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