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D-Day 50 BITDCA modern fintech start-up solutions

We dedicate D-Day 50 to modern fintech start-up solutions. The Bitdca project will present an application – an investment platform – with global ambitions, built on blockchain technology. Participation requires signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), if you do not have a signed document, you will receive a prompt after registering for the event. This time, membership or registration in Venture Club is a condition of participation, even without membership, both of which allow signing the NDA agreement.

The Bitdca project is in its second year and a large team is working on the preparation. And why to be interested in it?

  • Bitdca comes with a new and unique way of investing, inspired by current trends. We combine several (successful on the market)
    solutions, bringing a new way of investing with huge potential.
  • Bitdca is being developed to be distributed across the EU + UK from the outset. Both legally and in terms of advanced technical solutions.
  • Bitdca’s reach is global and in the future it has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide and really grow significantly.
  • Strong partners such as Baker McKenzie, MasterCard, iDenfy, Walless and others are working with the project.
  • The project is at an advanced stage

More information on the project can be found in the Investments section, including downloadable materials. We recommend you watch the presentations in advance to better prepare your questions.


17:00 – 17:50 introduction of participants, comments on the club’s projects

18:00 – 20:00 BITDCA fintech start-up solution presents itself

D-Day is available to VENTURE CLUB members ON-LINE and IN PERSON, however, only after prior registration below and signing an NDA. For members with basic membership only after paying the entrance fee, no matter if they attend in person or online. Light refreshments provided. No entry for non-members, apologies. If you want to, make a minimum membership, NDA is a requirement, also applies to online entry. Or visit us at one of our open events for non-members, Friday club morning or at a presentation.

Sign up below. We look forward to seeing you there.

Petr Šedivý

Park Atrium u spol. 2N, Pod Vinicí 2028/20, Praha 12

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